Bet on contemporary decor

Bet on contemporary decor

If you are looking for a cleaner decoration that conveys that feeling of lightness and peace, the contemporary style may be ideal for you! Check out our tips and bet on contemporary decor.

After all, what is contemporary decor? Bet on contemporary decor

Contemporary decor is nothing more than a simpler, more functional, “clean” decorating style. Marked by straight and sinuous lines and smooth surfaces, both in furniture and decorative objects. Usually the furniture includes materials made with wood, marble, metal, steel, cement and glass. The rugs come with everything in this type of decoration to soften this strong visual structure of the furniture, these can come in more cheerful tones, which will be like the light point of the environment.

Are some colorful pieces welcome in this type of decoration?

Yes, the colorful pieces are welcome in some details of contemporary decor, such as paintings and vases, decorative statues are also very welcome in this style of decoration, in addition to leaving the elegant environment does not weigh heavily on the decoration.

What kind of fabric to use?

IThe coldness caused by cleaner furniture can be broken with cotton, wool, linen, silk, cashmere fabrics in more cheerful tones, can be used in curtains, rugs, blankets, among others.

Bet on geometric shapes for your contemporary decorBet on contemporary decor

These shapes are also widely used in contemporary decoration to break the coldness of the smooth elements that predominate in the environments.

What decorative elements to invest in?

Try to maintain the characteristic of the minimalist style when choosing decorative objects, that is, choose few pieces but pieces of quality that bring the feeling of lightness to the environment. Bet on lampshades, armchairs and puffs, decorative statues can also give that charm to the environment.

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