Tips to start decorating your home

Tips to start decorating your home

Want tips on how to start decorating your home? New house and you are in doubt on how to start decorating? Know that the size of the room, the style you want, the style of the furniture, must be thought out well before choosing the place of each decorative object.


Tips to start decorating your home: Textures

Whether on carpets, on the sofa, on puffs, using different textures can make the room more cozy and modern at the same time. If you want an environment with freshness and a feeling of comfort, bet on more natural materials, if you want something more industrial and modern, bet on pieces with metal.


Dare on decorative objects

Don't be afraid to dare with a different decorative object, in addition to the charm these objects show a lot of personality. Choose to invest in smaller accessories, since you can easily change them, not getting sick of them easily, believe me, just changing the decorative objects already makes a total difference in the decoration as a whole.


Start with a neutral foundation

To avoid possible mistakes, start with the walls in neutral colors and play with the colors in the decorative objects, when you feel more confident, start innovating on the walls with wallpaper or a different painting.


Don't forget the functionality

It is useless to have a thousand decorative pieces but with little functionality, then it becomes just an accumulation of objects. So be aware when choosing the decoration, opt for pieces such as lamps, watches, and others that also have functionality.


Finally, invest in pieces that you really like

Your home should overflow your style and personality, to look beyond beautiful and cozy. So invest only in pieces that you really like.

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